Kinder (3 to 4 years) & Preschool (4 to school age)

Your Place Early Learning Centre's School Readiness Program promotes children’s individual interests and provides opportunities to develop to their full potential while having fun.

Our qualified early childhood teachers deliver a School Readiness Program, maximising children’s opportunities to learn new skills and refine existing abilities. They encourage the development of independence skills, confidence and love of learning that children will require prior to starting school.

The School Readiness Program at Your Place Early Learning Centre is designed to prepare children for their transition to school and aims to advance each child’s learning to optimise the development of vital skills.

Some activities include:

  • Engage Each Child as An Effective Learner
  • Promote Thinking, Communication and Learning
  • Build Positive Relationships
  • Enhance Identity

We support children in developing early numeracy, literacy, technology and social skills by integrating creative arts, languages and sports activities into our program.

Your Place Early Learning Centre provides an innovative and stimulating learning environment based on children’s interests, family feedback, community and the world around us.

There is a shared understanding between our centre and local primary schools about what is important for children and their families during transition to school.

At Your Place Early Learning Centre all children have the opportunity to participate in our wonderful and enjoyable extra-curricular activities and to take part in many excursions and incursions during the year.

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