Extra-Curricular Programs

All children have the opportunity to participate in our wonderful and enjoyable extra-curricular activities.

Extra-curricular programs are not only fun, these programs enrich each child's language, communication and overall development.

Extra –curricular programs promote physical health, coordination and wellbeing; positive communication and learning to compromise. These programs support and enhance creativity, concentration and listening as well as promoting positive emotional and intellectual expression, bonding and trust.

These programs include

  • Yoga Fun -Music and Movement, Yoga and Mindfulness Program
  • Play Ball - Professional, Exciting and Dynamic Physical Education Program
  • Mandarin Classes
  • Cooking Classes

In-House Mandarin Classes

The best time to teach a child a second language is the same time they are learning their first.

A number of research studies have shown that children who have learned a second language at a young age demonstrate cognitive advantages, such as increased problem-solving skills and creativity.

Mandarin lessons are conducted on a daily basis for all age groups. Our language co-ordinator uses methods like singing, props and dancing. Classes are exciting, fun and all children are eager to be involved.

Our Mandarin classes enrich each child's language, communication and overall development.

In-House Cooking Classes

Our Centre Chef and educators, run regular cooking experiences with the children. These experiences promote early literacy and numeracy, encourages cognitive and motor skills.

Children love to get messy and they are very proud of their creations, this helps children develop pride and confidence in their skills and abilities.

Cooking experiences are great opportunity to introduce young children to mathematics like number concepts, measuring and physical science for e.g. changing forms of liquids and solids.

Cooking gives children an opportunity to try new foods and participate in a group environment.

At Your Place Early Learning Centre all extra-curricular programs are complimentary.

We are always looking for new and inspiring extra-curricular programs to add to our curriculum.

Excursions and Incursions

Your Place Early Learning Centre arranges both excursions and incursions. These events allow children to explore the broader community and extend their learning experiences beyond our curriculum.

Children will have an opportunity to take part in many excursions and incursions during the year, such as visits to local primary schools, visits of students from primary schools, visits to local libraries, Hatching Eggs Program and Seaweed Sally.

Through excursions and incursions, we introduce children to the wonders of nature, life cycle of animals, marine life, road safety, cultural diversity and much more.

Families will be notified through our Newsletters, Facebook page and notices of any excursion/incursions that has been planned.

Family involvement and feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

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