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Our Educational Curriculum

Your Place Early Learning Centre provides an innovative and stimulating learning environment based on children's interests, family feedback, and the world around us.

The learning philosophies of worldwide leaders in early childhood education – Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori and the Early Years Learning Framework – centres our approach to your child's learning.

We recognise that every child is unique. Children develop differently, have different personalities, possess different strengths and require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs.

We believe that our diverse knowledge and approach to the early years of education creates a supportive learning environment for each child in our care. Our aim is to provide young children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success.

Nurturing the development of your child as an individual, we collaborate with families, early childhood specialists and our wider community.

We provide rich learning environments and experiences for each child by using balanced connections between play-based, responsive and intentional teaching practices.

Early Years Learning Framework

Our curriculum is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles of “Being, Belonging and Becoming” and the National Quality Framework (NQF). The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is a key component of the Australian Government's National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care.

The EYLF covers the principles, practices and outcomes that support and enhance young children's learning from birth to school age, as well as their transition to school.

These principles and practices are fundamental to early childhood pedagogy and program decision-making.

We use the EYLF as a tool to assist educators and collaborate with children and families in order to achieve the best learning outcomes for each child.

Our everyday planning, supporting, documenting, and evaluating children's learning is based on the EYLF - Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Belonging to a group or family, being oneself in the present and becoming the person they aspire to be while actively engaging with society. It encourages identity, connection, communication, well-being and confidence.

Your Place Early Learning Centre provides a complete learning environment where children are free to observe, question, experiment and explore. The experiences and activities provided assist children with their self-concept skills, confidence and independence.

School Readiness Program

Your Place Early Learning Centre's School Readiness Program promotes your child's individual interests and provides opportunities to develop to their full potential while having fun.

Our qualified preschool teachers deliver our School Readiness Program, maximising your child's opportunities to learn new skills and refine existing abilities. They encourage the development of independence skills, confidence and love of learning that your child will require prior to starting school.

We support your child in developing early numeracy, literacy, technology and social skills.

At Your Place Early Learning Centre we have integrated creative arts, languages and sports extra-curricular activities into the program.

We work in partnership with your family and with local schools assisting you and your child with a smooth transition to school.

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